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Oh, You Little Dickens, You!

Oh, You Little Dickens, You!

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WebQuest: Oh, You Little Dickens You! Welcome, Expectant Travelers!

Part I: Let's begin our journey by learning more about Charles Dickens and his world. We will start with a visit to the library's computer center, and each group will work together to complete the questions about Dickens' life. Explore the links provided to answer your questions.

  • Charles Dickens
  • The Dickens Page
  • David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page
  • Spectrum Biographies: Dickens
  • The Victorian Web
  • The Complete Works of Charles Dickens: Biography

Your Questions:

  • What is Charles Dickens' full name?
  • When and where was he born?
  • In a mimimum of fifty words, describe Dickens' childhood.
  • In a minimum of fifty words, describe Dickens' education.
  • In a minimum of fifty words, discuss Dickens' professional career (other than as an author).
  • Name Dickens' wife and provide the date of their marriage.
  • Name Charles Dickens' children.
  • Describe at least two historical events that occurredduring Dickens' life that may have had an influence upon his writing.
  • In what year was Great Expectations first published and by whatcompany?
  • Name at least four other full length works by Charles Dickens andtheir years of publication.

Great! Now that you are more familiar with Dickens, you are ready to begin your Web Quest!

Part II: Find your group name below, and follow the Web Quest instructions on the link.

Pip: Welcome members of Pip's group! You will need to collaborate on each of the following to complete your web quest.

Day 1: Characterization

  • Each member must complete ONE of the following for Pip's character (you must decide among yourselves who will complete each component):
  • A physical description of Pip (with hand-drawn, labeled picture based on textual information)
  • A two chunk paragraph with textual support describing how Pip fits thestereotype of the lives of orphans in Dickens' day
  • A two chunk paragraph with textual support describing two positivecharacter traits of Pip (use parenthetical documentation)
  • A two chunk paragraph with textual support describing two negativecharacter traits of Pip (use parenthetical documentation)
  • Pip's Expectations

Day 2: 19th Century Ideas

Your group will be presenting to the class a lesson on the IndustrialRevolution. Your lesson must include the following (divide the workload):

  • a definition and full explanation of the Industrial Revolution includingkey people involved
  • evidence that Charles Dickens' life and/or his writing was affected bythe Industrial Revolution
  • evidence from Great Expectations supporting the ideas surroundingthe Industrial Revolution.
  • a poster/collage depicting what you understand about the IndustrialRevolution
  • create four (4) solid multiple choice questions and one (1) shortanswer question that would need to be answered in at least five (5)sentences. These will be used to create the class quiz on 19th CenturyIdeas and Concepts.
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Wikipedia: The Industrial Revolution
  • Teacher Net: Industrial Revolution

Day 3: Your Great Expectations

Each member of the group will do ALL of the following:

  • Propel yourself eight years into the future to where you have finished both your high school and your college education. It is now time to look for that perfect job you've been dreaming of! Using the links below, create a professional looking resume that you plan to send to prospective employers being sure to include the following:
  • Goals for your professional life
  • Your means of achieving these goals (strengths/talents)
  • Position desired (what exactly IS the job you want?)
  • Educational background (names of high school and college, coursestaken that have prepared you for the position, realistic GPA)
  • Work/Related Experience (what have you done outside theclassroom that could be considered as preparation for this position?)
  • References (create 2 brief letters of recommendation fromteachers/past employers who know your strengths well).
  • The Ten Minute Resume
  • Job Star Central
  • Now bring yourself back to the present. Write a three-chunk reflection about what you need to do to make this dream resume/job a reality.

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A Charles Dickens WebQuest designed to accompany Great Expectations. Class is divided into four teams: Pip, Estella, Miss Havisham, and Magwitch. Each team must complete activities that relate to the novel and Charles Dickens' world.

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Oh, You Little Dickens, You! Oh, You Little Dickens, You! Oh, You Little Dickens, You! Oh, You Little Dickens, You! Oh, You Little Dickens, You! Oh, You Little Dickens, You!