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The Odyssey - Circe

The Odyssey - Circe

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“The Witch Circe” (911 – 913)


Humbly - Politely and without arrogance

Beguiling -

Stealth -

Snare -

Vile - Evil, horrible, poisonous

Fodder - Course or grainy food for livestock

Plot Details

  • After sailing from Cyclops’ island, where do Odysseus and his men land?
  • What gift does the wind king Aeolus give to Odysseus?
  • What happens when the men get curious about this gift?
  • How does Odysseus’ men respond to Circe when they first meet her?
  • What does Circe do to the men?
  • What does Hermes give Odysseus?
  • How does Circe respond to Odysseus?
  • What task does Circe give to Odysseus before she will free his shipmates?

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All page numbers refer to Holt, Rinehart, and Winston's ELEMENTS OF LITERATURE (3rd Course).

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The Odyssey - Circe