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Middle Ages Test

Middle Ages Test

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Multiple Choice

  • The Battle of Tours was significant because it a. resulted in Charles Martel becoming King of France. b. allowed Muslims to gain control of Spain. c. helped Charlemagne convert many Muslims to Christianity. d. stopped the Muslim advance into Western Europe.
  • The feudal contract was an arrangement by which a a. lord pledged to obey his vassal. b. lord and vassal both agreed to certain obligations. c. vassal became a knight. d. vassal agreed to follow the code of chivalry.
  • The relationship between serf and lord could be compared to that between vassal and lord because a. both serfs and vassals were tied to the manor. b. lords had total control over their serfs and over their vassals. c. both relationships involved mutual duties and responsibilities. d. both relationships were designed to benefit the lord at the expense of the serf or vassal.
  • The use of crop rotation resulted in a. increased feudal warfare. b. better harvests. c. increased use of fertilizer. d. dizzy farmers.
  • The tithe and the sacraments were associated with a. the manor b. chivalry c. the Church d. trial by ordeal
  • The invasions of which group seriously disrupted life in Europe during the 800’s and 900s? a. Huns b. Muslims c. Ostrogoths d. Vikings
  • One reason for the increase in trade in Western Europe during the 1100s and 1200s was the a. increase in feudal warfare. b. decision of feudal lords to stop charging tolls. c. desire of Muslims to trade with Christian merchants. d. reappearance of a money economy in Europe.
  • Which of the following works would be the best primary source to learn about the reconquest of Spain? a. Domesday Book b. El Cid c. Canterbury Tales d. Divine Comedy
  • Townspeople wanted written charters in order to a. protect their rights. b. limit the power of the king. c. end feudalism. d. keep runaway serfs out of the towns.
  • If you were a member of a craft guild, you would expect it to a. sponsor trade fairs. b. show serfs how to become townspeople. c. train and protect guild members. d. encourage competition among guild members.
  • Which of the following items was most typical of the art of the Middle Ages? a. a stone sculpture of a saint. b. a painting of peasants working in the fields. c. a mosaic showing a volcano erupting. d. an ivory carving of an elephant or other wild animal.
  • A lasting result of the Crusades was a. the creation of crusader states in Palestine. b. a more powerful Church. c. a rapid decrease of trade. d. a stronger Byzantine Empire.
  • Early banking services encouraged trade by a. making loans available without interest. b. enabling merchants to travel without carrying gold coins. c. printing paper money. d. allowing serfs to borrow money to buy land.
  • To write in the vernacular is to write in a. Latin. b. Greek c. A Romance language d. the everyday language of your culture.
  • Which of the following is a true statement about an effect of the Crusades? a. They slowed the growth of trade. b. They increased feudal warfare in western Europe. c. They increased the power of monarchs. d. They tarnished the image of the Church.
  • The Crusades led to widespread persecution of which group in Europe? a. merchants b. serfs c. Jews d. knights
  • One reason for the economic growth in Europe after 1050 was the a. Viking invasions. b. growth of towns. c. rise of feudalism. d. beginning of the manor economy.

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This test is handed out after I cover the Middle Ages unit. Its a mixture of multiple choice, matching, and short answer.

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Middle Ages Test Middle Ages Test Middle Ages Test Middle Ages Test