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Macbeth AP Teaching Unit

Macbeth AP Teaching Unit

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  • analyze the characters of Macbeth, Banquo, and Lady Macbeth and their relationships to each other.
  • trace the development of Macbeth’s character from his first mention in the play until his last, noting how and why he changes.
  • trace the mental and emotional make-up of Lady Macbeth from the first time she appears until her death.
  • discuss the techniques Shakespeare uses to convey character and character relationships to his audience.
  • discuss the dramatic development of the play in terms of exposition, conflict, climax, resolution.
  • analyze the importance of literary elements like dramatic irony and foreshadowing on the development of the play.
  • discuss the frequent references to children in the play as characters, symbols, and elements of a metaphor.
  • analyze Shakespeare’s use of language (verse, prose, rhythm, rhyme) and its importance in setting mood and establishing character.
  • identify and analyze the use of comic relief.
  • define by example the terms tragedy, and tragic hero.

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You no longer have to choose between "teaching the work" or "teaching to the test." Prestwick House Advanced Placement Teaching Units allow you to do both. Prestwick House AP Teaching Units meet the rigorous demands of the Advanced Placement class, with detailed study guides that focus on the types of literary knowledge students will have to demonstrate on their AP exams. AP Teaching Units feature sharply focused multiple-choice and free-response focusing on those facets of literature that appear on the test each year.

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Macbeth AP Teaching Unit Macbeth AP Teaching Unit Macbeth AP Teaching Unit Macbeth AP Teaching Unit Macbeth AP Teaching Unit Macbeth AP Teaching Unit