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Lit. Circle Short Sheet

Lit. Circle Short Sheet

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Literature Circle Weekly Journal

Before You Read:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Pages Read

After You Read:

  • Summarize (in 5 sentences) what you’ve read this week
  • Predict what you think will happen next:
  • Explain why you think this will happen next
  • Write a question that you hope the author answers (either in the next reading or by the end of the book).

Question Creator:

  • Write 2 questions to discuss with your group.
  • Write the answers to your questions


  • Pick one passage that you think is especially important. Write it below.
  • Why did you pick this passage? What makes it so important?


  • Connect (or compare) what you have read to your life in some way.


  • Pick one character from your reading. Write an adjective that describes him/her.
  • Explain, using the reading from this week, how you know it’s a good adjective to describe this character.


  • Pick one word from the reading that you didn’t know or that you think your classmates won’t know. Write it, look up its definition, write the definition in your own words, and write the sentence where you found the word.
  • Word
  • What the word means (in my own words)
  • Sentence where I found word


  • Draw something that symbolizes or shows what you read this week. (You may use another sheet of paper if desired.)
  • Explain how this shows what you’ve read this week and tell why you chose to illustrate this scene or object.

About this Document

A short, 2-page version to get students thinking after they read. Each traditional literature circle role is represented and students can do all or part of the sheet, individually or as a group.

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Lit. Circle Short Sheet Lit. Circle Short Sheet Lit. Circle Short Sheet