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The Kite Runner Lesson Plan

The Kite Runner Lesson Plan

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Teachers and educators: Get the most out of your time in the classroom when you use this lesson plan for The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. In addition to providing comprehensive character analyses, this lesson plan offers navigation through Hosseini's primary themes, including identity, family, and heritage. Examples of guided discussion and study questions from this lesson plan include the following:

  • What did Amir's father build during Amir's early childhood in The Kite Runner? He built an orphanage, doing all of the design work on his own and funding it completely.
  • Amir's father says there is only one sin in the world. What is it? His father says that theft is the only sin. All other sins are just a variation of theft.
  • What favorite pastime does Amir have that his father just can't stand? Amir enjoys reading even though his father has tried very hard to make him like sports.
  • How did Amir's family come to know Ali? Ali's parents were hit by impaired drivers. The drivers were brought before Amir's grandfather, the judge, along with the orphaned son, Ali. After the trial, Amir's grandfather adopted Ali and he was raised alongside Amir's father.
  • What prompts Amir to write his first story in The Kite Runner? Amir pretends to be reading a book to Hassan but is really just making something up. Hassan loves the tale and says it's the best he's heard in a long time. This gives Amir confidence in his story-telling abilities and makes him sit down and write his own story.

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The Kite Runner Lesson Plan The Kite Runner Lesson Plan The Kite Runner Lesson Plan The Kite Runner Lesson Plan The Kite Runner Lesson Plan The Kite Runner Lesson Plan