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Into the Wild Test #1

Into the Wild Test #1

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  • The ______________ of food and water after the hurricane forced people to break into stores and begin stealing, just so they would have enough to live off until aid arrived.
  • The flowers, after three weeks without water, were _____________________ and crumbling before our very eyes.
  • Seeing Martin Luther King speak left an _____________________ impression on my aunt and she became an activist and champion for civil rights across America.
  • The teacher, after several attempts to quiet the ________________ student, sent her into the hall for the rest of the class period.
  • Caught in an _________________, the canoe spun around and around until help arrived three hours later.
  • The haughty boy, adorned with all of his Olympic gold medals,___________________ his teammates who did not perform as well as he did; then his teammates proceeded to beat him up, which he deserved.
  • Because she was a _________________ fan of Elvis Presley, every year she and her fan club, The Presley Posse, traveled to Graceland for vacation.
  • Once the student realized that his misbehavior may end in expulsion, the look on his face went from smug to ________________ ; immediately he understood that giving Ms. Cunningham a “swirlie” was not a good idea.
  • As the boat sunk, the crew jumped into the water, found some floating________________, and held on for dear life.
  • Because most houses on the block were painted in neutrals; tans and browns, her fluorescent yellow, pink and green house appeared even more _________________________ than it may have otherwise.

NAME THE RHETORICAL DEVICE (some have more than one):

  • She outwardly glowed with happiness, yet inside her heart was breaking.
  • She runs like the wind, talks like the wind and moves like the wind.
  • Like a star, she shines; like a star, she sparkles; like a star, she is too far to reach.
  • The burglar jumped through my window and I screamed and then I ran downstairs and I grabbed by phone, but then I realized he was right behind me so I dropped the phone and ran as fast as I could to the neighbors house.
  • The summer days swept by, passing too quickly, ending too soon.

About this Document

To be used after the first 60 pages or so. Short answer questions.

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Into the Wild Test #1 Into the Wild Test #1