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Into the Wild Final Exam

Into the Wild Final Exam

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The statements below are false. Please rewrite them to make them true.

  • While in Alaska, McCandless shoots and kills a black bear.
  • Starvation was the cause of McCandless’s death, which occurred because of the lack of wild game for him to shoot and kill.
  • McCandless enters Alaska with a map and compass, which gets lost as he tries to cross the Teklanika River.
  • In Alaska, all hopes of rescue are hopeless as the nearest sign of human life was over 100 miles away.
  • In college, McCandless wrote for both the campus literary magazine and the yearbook.
  • McCandless found out about his father’s philandering ways while in high school.
  • McCandless, after learning about the affair, told his sister. She did not react in the same way he did, and this ruined their brother / sister bond.
  • McCandless crafts a handmade, leather vest with all of his adventures embossed in it.
  • McCandless’s canoe adventure leads him to the straits surrounding the Alaskan coastline
  • According to one of his final notes/journal entries, McCandless leaves a note for his family that, in spite of the time that has passed, is still replete with anger.
  • While in college, McCandless and his roommate found they had many similarities and both managed to stay on the honor roll.

Short-answer Essay Questions:

  • How does hubris factor into Chris McCandless’s ultimate demise?
  • How did you feel about McCandless initially? How did you feel about him at the end of the book?
  • How did Billie and Walt feel when visiting the bus where their son died?
  • Discuss two techniques that Krakauer uses to persuade his readers to feel positively about McCandless and his adventures. (each technique worth 10 pts. Each)

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Into the Wild Final Exam Into the Wild Final Exam