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Into the Wild Assignment pages 70-144

Into the Wild Assignment pages 70-144

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Into The Wild

Assignment #2

Read pages 70-144


  • Read the short story “To Build A Fire”. Please look up the word “hubris” and read all definitions to fully understand the meaning.
  • Please read the definition of “tragedy” and “tragic hero” provided. Does the protagonist in “To Build a Fire” fit the bill of a tragic hero? Does Chris McCandless? Be prepared to argue for your side in the in-class discussion.


  • Using either the Internet or books, look up at least 7-10 facts about the lives of Jack London, Leo Tolstoy, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.
  • On page 122 Krakauer writes, “He (McCandless) was also able to forgive, or overlook, the shortcomings of his literary heroes…”
  • Compare and contrast McCandless to the four “literary heroes” we’ve read from/learned of so far (London, Emerson, Thoreau and Tolstoy) using such traits as philosophical beliefs and lifestyle choices. Which one is the most opposite of McCandless? Why? In spite of the fact that some of these men exhibit behavior apparently contradictory to that which McCandless admires, why is it then that these men make his list of noteworthy people?
  • Choose one of the four “literary heroes” and complete a YChart on McCandless and this author.

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Into the Wild Assignment pages 70-144