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Iliad Teaching Unit

Iliad Teaching Unit

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  • What picture does the poet give us of mothers in this poem? Compare the parenting strategies of Hêra, Thetis and Hékabê.
  • Think of some instances in which men weep. Does crying seem to indicate weakness?
  • Do the Greeks seem to have a “religion,” in the modern sense, or would you classify their relationship to the gods as something else? Give some reasons for your answer.
  • What rewards does Akhilleus offer at the funeral games in Book XXIII? Why are they valuable?
  • Nestor often stresses the importance of having a plan. Find some passages in which he says this. Is there ever a time when he feels a plan is not appropriate?
  • Sleep and dreams play an important role in the poem. Find at least three instances in which the action of the poem is advanced through sleep or dreams.
  • Where do we see the Graces in this poem? What seems to be their function?
  • Sarpêdôn and the Lykians are always called the “allies” of Troy, not Trojans.The Greeks, who come from many different places, are all “Akhaians.” Why are the forces defending Troy shown as racially heterogeneous?
  • The poet gives us background information and genealogy for even minor characters. Give an example of one such genealogy, and think of a reason for it.

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A teaching unit and individual learning packet from Prestwick House. Includes the following: comprehensive chapter-by-chapter study guides for students; questions suitable for essay topics or discussion; vocabulary lists; multiple-choice and essay test with answer key; introductory material from Prestwick House to familiarize both students and teachers with the work.

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Iliad Teaching Unit Iliad Teaching Unit Iliad Teaching Unit Iliad Teaching Unit Iliad Teaching Unit Iliad Teaching Unit