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Humours Table 2 Transparency - TCT

Humours Table 2 Transparency - TCT

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  • Sanguine - Bodily humor that causes a person to be cheerful. Associated with sensuality. Characteristics: Talkers, lively, promoters, impulsive, vivacious, congenial. Weaknesses: Nervy, changeable, outgoing, interrupts.
  • Choleric - Bodily humor that causes a person to be angry. Associated with: Unkindness, wrath, instability, pride. Characteristics: Confident, positive, self-reliant, leaders, inventive, aggressive. Weaknesses: Gusty, lofty, tactless, workaholics.
  • Melancholy- Body humor that causes gloominess. Associated with: Depression and delusion. Characteristics: Pensive, orderly, analytical, profound, faithful. Weaknesses: Depression, resentful, reticent, negative.
  • Phlegmatic- Body humor that causes sluggishness or apathy. Associated with: sloth, obesity, laziness. Characteristics: serene, listeners, negotiators, content, peaceful, dry-humored. Weaknesses: Anxious, indecisive, slow, shy.

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This transparency is two of two that goes with The Canterbury Tales Character Assignment/Unit I do with my seniors.

Tags: Exercises & Activities, Grade 12, Literature, Teachers, The Canterbury Tales

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Humours Table 2 Transparency - TCT