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Hamlet Teaching Unit

Hamlet Teaching Unit

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  • identify and discuss the characteristics of this play that mark it as a Shakespearean tragedy.
  • discuss Shakespeare’s style, including the use of figurative language, symbolism, and the dramatic techniques of soliloquy, aside, dramatic foil, and allusion.
  • identify the aspects of Hamlet that classify it as a revenge tragedy.
  • understand Hamlet’s varying state of mind and how his condition relates to his soliloquies.
  • discuss Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship, including what aspects lead to her madness and death.
  • describe the importance of the ghost as it relates to Hamlet and the themes of the play.

About this Document

A teaching unit and individual learning packet from Prestwick House. Includes the following: Comprehensive chapter-by-chapter study guides for students Questions suitable for essay topics or discussion Vocabulary lists Muliple-choice and essay test with answer key Introductory material from Prestwick House to familiarize both students and teachers with the work.

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Hamlet Teaching Unit Hamlet Teaching Unit Hamlet Teaching Unit Hamlet Teaching Unit Hamlet Teaching Unit Hamlet Teaching Unit