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Gulliver's Travels Lesson Plan

Gulliver's Travels Lesson Plan

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Teachers and professors: Get the most from your time in the classroom when you use this lesson plan for Johnathan Swift's classic novel, Gulliver's Travels. In addition to providing comprehensive character analyses and guidance through the political and social aspects of Swift's era, this lesson plan will help you convey Swift's primary themes, including custom, tradition, and the role of then-emerging technology. Examples of guided discussion and study questions from this lesson plan include the following:

  • How did Gulliver get to Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels? He was aboard the Antelope in the South-Sea when a storm caused the ship to wreck (and subsequently the life boat to overturn). He swam and found land, which he later found was Lilliput.
  • What kind of living accommodations did the Emperor provide for Gulliver? The Emperor had Gulliver taken to the largest ancient temple in the kingdom. He was chained by the leg, but was able to walk in the courtyard and lie down in the building.
  • The Emperor delivered six Lilliputians who had "attacked" Gulliver to him for justice. What did Gulliver do with them? He picked them up and put them in his pocket. One by one he scared them by acting as if he would eat them, then he set them free.
  • About what are the Lilliputians and Blefuscuians fighting in Gulliver's Travels? Blefuscuians break their eggs on the big end, as was the religious custom until the present Lilliputian Emperor's grandfather decreed eggs should be broken on the small end. Big-Endians (who fled to Blefuscu) and Little-Endians (Lilliputians) have been fighting over which end of the egg to break first.

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Gulliver's Travels Lesson Plan Gulliver's Travels Lesson Plan Gulliver's Travels Lesson Plan Gulliver's Travels Lesson Plan Gulliver's Travels Lesson Plan Gulliver's Travels Lesson Plan