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Four Types of Writing

Four Types of Writing

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Practice with the Four Types of Writing

  • Exposition: Writing meant to inform, share knowledge and information; factual
  • Narration: Writing meant to relate a story, an event or series of events
  • Persuasion: Writing meant to influence the reader to think a certain way or to act
  • Description: Writing which recreates/passes on to the reader a sensory experience

I. Which kind of writing would you produce if you . . .

  • told what happened to you when you were five years old
  • explained how a computer works
  • encouraged readers to vote for President Bush or for Senator Kerry
  • captured the feeling of being in a farmhouse kitchen on a cold morning
  • inspired readers to study more and try harder in school
  • educated readers as to the causes of air and water pollution
  • convinced readers to recycle paper and plastic items at home
  • made readers feel as if they were on a beach in Hawaii
  • made up a tale of mystery and suspense
  • explained the difference between psychology and sociology

II. Label these writing samples. Are they persuasion, exposition, narration, or description?

  • The moon cleared the dark and silent hills in a sudden burst of cold white light.
  • The United States entered World War II when Japanese forces attacked the U.S. Naval Station at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.
  • Pulling into the parking lot, the police officer saw a dark sedan parked next to a white van. She drove slowly toward the car, but it sped away before she could reach it. The officer immediately reported the license number of the suspicious vehicle. Before she could return to her patrol car, the sedan returned unexpectedly.
  • Unless we begin now to find other forms of energy, we will continue to depend on the countries of the Middle East for oil. We cannot allow this situation to go on.
  • The white sandy beach stretched far away until it met the blue horizon.

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Exercises that give students practice in identifying narration, exposition, persuasion, and description.

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Four Types of Writing