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First Day of School Activities

First Day of School Activities

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Imagery-language that appeals to the senses.

Summer 09

  • I saw Brier Creek from the 3rd floor, Shelly Lake at 6:30 a.m., and another grey hair.
  • I heard a silent alarm clock, sirens going by, and Whitney Houston’s attempt at a comeback.
  • I smelled chlorine, freshly cut grass, and hot dogs on the grill.
  • I tasted Diet Sunkist, Panera Bread, and my own cooking.
  • I felt my ankle twist when I fell down the stairs, chlorine go up my nose, and rested.
  • I said “Let’s do lunch,” “I thought today was Thursday,” and “I miss Miami.”
  • And it was the strangest thing: I saw Chaya Clarke on Facebook, I shot hoops with my 62-year-old mom, and Michael Jackson died.

Summer 09

  • I saw: (3 things)
  • I heard (3 things)
  • I smelled (3 things)
  • I tasted (3 things)
  • I felt ( 3 things)
  • I said (3 things)
  • And it was the strangest thing (3 things)

First Day of School Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions using complete sentences.

  • Where were you born?
  • What middle school did you attend?
  • What is your favorite musical group or band?
  • What’s the last song that you listened to on your iPod?
  • What’s your favorite movie?
  • What’s your favorite candy?
  • If you could have dinner with any famous person, who would it be? Where would you go? (Choose a local place.) What would you talk about (paragraph)

About this Document

Here are two first day of school activities. The first worksheet is a poem that the students create about their summer vacation. The second is a student questionnaire.

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First Day of School Activities First Day of School Activities