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Essay Prompts

Essay Prompts

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  • Prompt: Your community is concerned about the lack of structuredactivities for youth after school and on weekends. The communityleaders are planning the construction of a new youth center. Writean essay to be read by community leaders convincing them whatactivities will have a positive influence on the youth. --Arizona Instrument to Measure Success
  • Prompt: Adults have influence on young people's lives. Think about thequalities demonstrated by adults you admire. Write an essayexplaining the most important qualities demonstrated by adultswho you admire. --Arizona Instrument to Measure Success
  • Everyone at some time suffers the loss of some specially valuedperson or thing. Tell how you or someone you know felt such aloss. Write a letter to a friend expressing your feelings about the loss ofsomething or someone special. --California State Board of Education
  • Think about a club, sport, or activity that you've enjoyedparticipating in. What would you say to persuade other studentsto join your club? Write a letter to your school newspaper urging students to participate in the club, sport, or activity that you believe would be enjoyable for them. --California State Board of Education
  • Some of the parents at your school have started a campaign tolimit the homework that teachers can assign to students. Teachersat your school have argued that the homework is necessary. Whatis your position? Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper stating your position and supporting it with convincing reasons. --California State Board of Education
  • Role models are people who provide good examples for others tofollow. Your role model might be a relative, a teacher, a friend, anathlete, an author, or a religious leader. Maybe this is a personyou have never met but know about. Write an expository essayabout ONE person you think is a good example of a role model.Explain in detail how this person sets a good example for peopleyour age. --Illinois Standards Achievement Test
  • Some people are concerned that children are getting hurt becausethey are not following safety rules when they roller-blade. Theleaders of your community want to require children to wearprotective clothing such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, andwrist guards. Those who do not wear protective gear will not beallowed to roller-blade. Do you agree with the leaders of yourcommunity? Why or why not? Write a persuasive paper tellingwhether you agree OR disagree that children must wearprotective gear before being allowed to roller-blade. Give reasonsand explain why you think as you do. --Illinois Standards Achievement Test
  • People often do kind or thoughtful acts. Think of a time whensomeone did something kind or thoughtful for you or someoneyou know. What happened, and how did the people involvedreact? How was this act kind or thoughtful? Write a narrativepaper about ONE time when someone did something kind orthoughtful for you or someone you know. Tell what happened andhow the people involved reacted. --Illinois Standards Achievement Test
  • Some people say that second-hand cirgarette smoke in publicplaces is a health threat to non-smokers. They believe that allpublic places in Illnois, including parks, beaches, and restaurantsshould be smoke-free. Write a persuasive essay telling whetheryou AGREE or DISAGREE that all public places in the state ofIllinois should be smoke-free. Give specific reasons to supportyour position. --Illinois Standards Achievement Test

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This brings together unsecured prompts from many different states with state testing requirements: Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, California and others. It's useful for prompt ideas or to prepare students for the types of prompts that state test-makers like to use

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Essay Prompts Essay Prompts Essay Prompts Essay Prompts Essay Prompts Essay Prompts