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Dracula Teaching Unit

Dracula Teaching Unit

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  • Why is it dangerous for Jonathan Harker to travel on the eve of St. George’s Day?
  • What peculiarities does Jonathan observe about Count Dracula when he visits Castle Dracula for the first time?
  • How does Jonathan Harker, during his first visit to Castle Dracula, come to believe that he will be killed on June 29th?
  • In what sense does Renfield’s madness parallel Dracula’s behavior?
  • List five of Dracula’s powers and five of Dracula’s weaknesses. Relate an incident from the story supporting each of your answers.
  • Dracula was written in 1897, so the values and beliefs of the characters reflect this era. Cite incidents from the story illustrating the view of 1897 society on each of the following topics: women, redemption, scientific advances, and superstitions.
  • At first Renfield seems to worship Dracula. What happens to change his opinion?
  • Describe Renfield’s connection to Mina.

About this Document

A teaching unit and individual learning packet from Prestwick House. Includes the following: comprehensive chapter-by-chapter study guides for students; questions suitable for essay topics or discussion; vocabulary lists; multiple-choice and essay test with answer key; introductory material from Prestwick House to familiarize both students and teachers with the work.

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Dracula Teaching Unit Dracula Teaching Unit Dracula Teaching Unit Dracula Teaching Unit Dracula Teaching Unit Dracula Teaching Unit