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Deductive Paragraph Structure

Deductive Paragraph Structure

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Practice with Paragraph Structure

Below is an expository paragraph (informative) that shows the state-explain-support-interpret structure, but there is one big problem. The order of the sentences has been scrambled. Your job is to unscramble them to restore the paragraph to its proper structure. The last one is done for you.

(A) Students who participate in extracurricular activities drop out of school less frequently than those who do not participate. (B) High school students benefit a great deal from participating in extracurricular activities. (C) Also, vandalism and drug abuse are less common in schools with high levels of student participation. (D) High school students should be strongly encouraged to take part in many extracurricular activities at their schools. (E) Being involved in after-school activities, such as sports and clubs, helpsthem develop a sense of ownership and belonging in their school. (F) Their grades and attendance are better.






6. D

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This is an exercise to practice deductive structure in expository paragraphs.

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Deductive Paragraph Structure