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culmination projects for Inherit the Wind

culmination projects for Inherit the Wind

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Inherit the Wind Tic Tac Toe

Rules: You must complete three assignments in any straight line (yes, for one line you could get over 100%)

  • Present to the class (in a very exciting way of course), all that you find on the Internet about what happened at the actual Scopes trial as opposed to what was dramatically depicted in Inherit the Wind. (50 points)- May work in pairs.
  • How is John Scopes similar to Jim Keegstra? How is he different? Why is it safe to say that one should definitely be condemned for his actions? (25 points)
  • Thoroughly explain any five allusions used in Inherit the Wind. Be sure to not only tell what the allusion is but also tell how the allusion enhances meaning in the play. (25 points)
  • Create a graphic/artistic presentation of the main theme of the play. Enhance your presentation with quotations from the play and from other great thinkers of the world. Use symbol, metaphors and literal depictions. (15 points)
  • Research any one of the great thinkers of history: Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Hobbes, Nietche, etc. (you may choose off this list or choose another). Write a composition in which you imagine what this philosopher would say about the main theme of Inherit the Wind. (50 points) *be sure to include a bibliography of sources
  • Write a film critique of Inherit the Wind. Be sure to use film terminology and be persuasive in your writing. (35 points)
  • You are one of the characters in Inherit the Wind. After doing research on what a Dramatic Monologue is, present a three-minute dramatic monologue done by the character of your choice. (35 points)
  • You are the director of an up and coming theatre production of Inherit the Wind. Present to the class a bird’s eye view of you directing any two thematically crucial scenes. You will be graded on your verbal directions to the character. (25 points) A collaborative piece.
  • Who are the great orators of our time and of history? Who is the best orator in Inherit the Wind? What made their words so powerful? Analyze the speech for diction, figurative language, tone, syntax, and content. Present a speech given by any great orator of history and/or present a speech given by the greatest orator in Inherit the Wind. (40 points)

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Ideas for culmination projects for the play Inherit the Wind.

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culmination projects for Inherit the Wind