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Crucible motive assignment and rubric

Crucible motive assignment and rubric

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  • MOTIVE : (n) mo·tive 1. An emotion, desire, physiological need, or similar impulse that acts as an incitement to action. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.)
  • Your task in this assignment is to take on and develop the voice and thoughts of one central character from Miller's The Crucible. This voice will be developed within a letter that aims to address and explain that character's motives in making specific choices within course of the play.
  • You need to select one character from the list below. Your letter will be written completely from his or her point of view. - John Proctor - Rev. Samuel Parris - Rev. John Hale - Mary Warren - Elizabeth Proctor - Abigail Williams - Deputy Governor Danforth
  • List at least three major choices or actions this character made which impacted the action of the play in a significant manner. For each action, determine the motivation for that action.
  • Begin to write your letter following the structure listed below:
  • Paragraph One: Briefly explain your overall motives. What do you value? What leads you to make your choices? Paragraphs Two through Four: Discuss the three choices/actions you made and explain your motives behind each.
  • Final Paragraph: Consider what "it all means now." Reflect on your choices. What would you change, if anything? Do you have regrets? How have you been impacted as a result of both your motives and the choices you made and actions you completed.
  • Be sure to closely proofread and support your work. This assignment will be scored out of 45 possible points using the rubric on the reverse side of this sheet. I strongly encourage that you refer to the rubric as you write so that you cover all required elements.

Letter Considering Character's Motives Scoring Rubric

  • The letter has a clear, interesting introduction. /5
  • The letter uses effective transitions. /2
  • The letter is organized. Each action and motivation is expressed in its own paragraph. /10

The writer applies the following items:

  • Strong verbs and specific nouns and a developed, appropriate character voice - specific supporting evidence from the text - a logical sequence of ideas discussed - textually and historically accurate use of supporting evidence /20
  • The writer develops an interesting and well-developed discussion of character motive, using well chosen textual support. /5
  • The writer provides a clear conclusion to the letter, which builds on all that has been established. /3


  • Typed finals copies will receive 5 extra credit points /0
  • TOTAL /45

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This is the description and rubric for a paper that helps students analyze the motives of characters in "The Crucible".

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Crucible motive assignment and rubric Crucible motive assignment and rubric