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Charles Dickens' Short Stories

Charles Dickens' Short Stories

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We will be reading a brief Charles Dickens unit utilizing a collection of his short stories. Your task will begin with selecting TWO of Dickens' stories, one from List A and one from List B (see below). The stories are available online.

Your Task: After you have selected your two stories, you will Read them to look for a common theme (or controlling idea) between the two. Once you have established a controlling idea, go back into each story to Highlight and Annotate portions of the tale that support your controlling idea. Be on the lookout for at least three literary devices utilized by Dickens in each story (symbolism, allegory, metaphor, tone, irony, etc). Once you have established your controlling idea, highlighted Concrete Details you intend toembed into an essay, and annotated your CoMmentary in the margins, you are ready to create your essay.


  • "The Schoolboy's Story"
  • "The Poor Relation's Story"
  • "Nobody's Story"
  • "The Child's Story"


  • "Walk in a Workhouse"
  • "Our Bore"
  • "The Noble Savage"
  • "The Begging-Letter Writer"

Focus Correction Areas:

  • Both stories support a common theme and this controlling idea is explained fully for each.
  • You must embed two quotations from each story into your body paragraphs and use MLA citation.
  • You must support your quotations with meaningful commentary that links to your theme.

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A writing assignment in which students select two of eight short stories by Charles Dickens and explore a common theme.

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Charles Dickens' Short Stories Charles Dickens' Short Stories