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"To Build a Fire" Formal Essay Example

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Into and BP1:

A person who never faces hardship or resistance cannot grow. Instead, they remain in an undeveloped state their entire lives. On the other hand, a person who faces adversity and conflict must adapt to their current environment, thus growing and expanding in order to meet new demands. Much can be learned about someone when watching how they react to specific forms of conflict. Consequently, authors use conflict when developing character so the reader can observe the changes in real-time. Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi, pits Pi Patel against the vast, indifferent and often volatile nature of the ocean. The man vs. nature conflict is central to the plot in Life of Pi because it helps to reveal power of strong faith, the capability of human survival instincts, and the healing nature of deep reflection.

Pi's faith only continued to strengthen despite the most dire of circumstances. Specifically, Pi suffered intense skin lesions, regular rashes, and lips so chapped that they bled-a direct result of the ocean's constant sun and salt exposure. In addition, Pi said that he felt hunger and thirst that he did not know existed. Where many would be angered at God for being in a similar situation, Pi chose to express his love for Him, thus manifesting feelings of calm or peace instead of anger or hatred.

Explanation of Thesis:

Look closely at what was done. I don't simply list different factors of nature conflict. Instead, I listed three things that we learn about the human experience when faced with a man vs. nature conflict. Do the same thing with TBAF. What do we learn about THE MAN as he experiences conflict and, in turn, what have we learned about the human experience?

About this Document

In my experience, students have a difficult time understanding how author's use a literary element to convey meaning. This is an example of my writing that I showed the kids as an example. I used this when I assigned a "To Build a Fire" essay that analyzed how London uses man vs. nature conflict to convey meaning. That assignmnet is also posted in the documents section of enotes.

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