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The Bluest Eye Culminating Project

The Bluest Eye Culminating Project

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  • Compare The Bluest Eye to Alice Walker’s The Color Purple Write a 2-3 page (600-700 words) essay comparing ONE of the following elements in the novel and film. Your job is NOT to simply say, “There are many differences and similarities in the novel and the film.” Instead, focus on ONE element of both that you think are similar, and analyze the element as it appears in passages/scenes in each. You may discuss: a. a theme (loss of sexual innocence, beauty, the American dream, b. characters c. a recurring image/symbol
  • “Theme Songs” for major characters in The Bluest Eye. Chose 4 major characters in The Bluest Eye and pick a song for each that you think thematically connects with the character. For each character, you must write a 150-200 word paragraph with a CLEAR main idea that shows the connection between the song and the character. You must include lines from the song and examples from the book to support your ideas.
  • Poetry Explication Choose THREE poems that you think connect thematically to The Bluest Eye and explicate them in three separate short 300-400 word essays. Each explication must include an examination of the poem’s language and themes as well as its connection to The Bluest Eye. You MUST include both lines from the poems and the novel to illustrate this connection.
  • Cover Art Redesign the book cover for The Bluest Eye; create a cover that includes symbolic images relating directly to the themes presented in the novel. You may NOT use clip art or cut-andpasted images from the computer. The cover must be totally original, creative, and thoughtful. Accompanying your cover, you must include a 2-page essay explaining how your cover connects to the themes and symbols in the novel. Use examples from the novel to support your ideas.
  • Symbol Analysis Chose ONE recurring image or symbol in The Bluest Eye and discuss its underlying meaning through analysis of specific passages in the novel. Your essay must be a minimum of 4 pages (double-spaced) or 800-1000 words. You will receive an automatic 10 points extra credit for this assignment!!
  • You may discuss one of the following symbols/images in your essay: Seeds/marigolds, Houses, White/light skinned girls & dolls, Loss of sexual innocence
  • Compare/Contrast Essay: The Color Purple & The Bluest Eye Organization (25 points): The essay has a clear thesis with supporting details that flow in a logical order. The writer has used transition sentences and phrases to bridge from one sentence to another
  • Content (25 points): The essay shows evidence of deep thinking and analysis of a theme, character or symbol that are similar in both the novel and the film. Many examples from the novel are included in quotation marks with page numbers. Specific examples from the film are also included.
  • Style/Voice (25 points): Appropriate grade-level vocabulary is used in the essay. Sentences are complex and varied. The writing style is mature, sophisticated, and creative.
  • Mechanics (25 points): Watch spelling, punctuation, grammar & sentence structure. Mistakes include: Misspelled words, Improper capitalization/word not capitalized, Improper use of a comma, Comma needed, Improper use of a semi-colon, Run-ons or sentence fragments, Writing in 1st or 2nd person point of view (NO “you,” “I,” “me”), Improper incorporation of a quote

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This is a final project that gives students a variety of ways to demonstrate deep understanding of the novel. I have used this in my senior English class successfully. The students get a chance to "show off" what they have learned in their own, unique way!

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The Bluest Eye Culminating Project The Bluest Eye Culminating Project The Bluest Eye Culminating Project The Bluest Eye Culminating Project The Bluest Eye Culminating Project The Bluest Eye Culminating Project