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Assessment Menu for 1984

Assessment Menu for 1984

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Assessment Menu for 1984

You have read the novel, 1984. Below are three choices under each heading of Mastery, Understanding, Interpersonal and Self-Expressive. Choose ONE under each of the four headings and ONE in each level---1, 2, or 3-- (your choices should add up to 100 points). THIS IS A TEST GRADE. Pay attention to directions and the details of each choice.

Level 1 Mastery

Define the word "dystopia". Make a list of the common traits of a dystopia. How does this definition and list of traits apply to the novel? (10 points)

Level 1 Understanding

Compare/contrast Julia and Winston's idea of the Party and what rebellion means to each of them. Put your findings in a chart. (10 points)

Level 2 Mastery

Examine the Pledge of Allegiance word for word. What does it say about freedom of speech? Think about the novel, then from either Winston or Julia's point of view, write a new Pledge of Allegiance based on the rules of the Party and Oceania.

Level 2 Understanding

You are Orwell's editor. Your task is to replace the numbers of each Part of the novel and each chapter within each part with actual chapter names. Make a chart for all three parts and each chapter within each part with your new titles. Explain your choices. (30 points)

Level 3 Mastery

Recall four of the major themes of the novel. Then, find an example of each theme in each of the three parts--one example of each theme from the beginning, middle, and end of the book. Explain in 1-2 paragraphs how each theme is developed throughout the book (50 points)

Level 3 Understanding

Explain the meaning of The Chestnut Tree Cafe in the novel. What is its purpose? What does it symbolize? How does it function in the book? In 2-4 paragraphs, give examples from the text to support your ideas about this gathering place. (50 points)

Level 1 Interpretive

Interview your parents about the concept of "doublethink". Language that says one thing and means another is prevalent today-especially in election years. List 5 examples and explain your choices (10 points)

Level 1 Self-Expressive

Create your own poster for Hate Week. Remember it is a means of propaganda employed by the Inner Party to encourage conformity and public support of Party actions and policies. You may use computer art, magazine clippings, or your own drawings. Be true to the novel! (10 points)

Level 2 Interpretive

How private are your actions online? Text messaging? Google searches? Facebook and MySpace? Online purchases? Do some research and write a short essay explaining the pros and cons of online activity. Don't forget to include how your findings will affect your future online activity. (30 points)

Level 2 Self-Expressive

Create a dust jacket for the novel. Include a photo, major idea, incident, or symbol from the novel. Include also the title, the author's name, and why readers should read the book. Include also the author's biographical info and other works he's written. Don't forget a short summary of the book (30 points)

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A Thoughtful Ed approach to the novel 1984.

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Assessment Menu for 1984 Assessment Menu for 1984