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Antigone Newspaper Article Project

Antigone Newspaper Article Project

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Antigone Article Project

Prompt: Choose one event in the play and write a newspaper article explaining the event using reporters’ questions (Who, What, When, Where, How, Why). Then, analyze the effects of this event on the city of Thebes & specific characters. You must include an illustration with your article.

Rubric: Your article will be graded in the following areas:

  • (20 points) Analysis- How well does your article address the prompt? Does your article reflect a clear understanding of thethemes/conflicts/characters of the play?
  • (20 points) Mechanics/Layout- Is your article free fromgrammar/spelling errors? Does the layout of your article imitate a real newspaper? Is your illustration relevant to your article?
  • (10 points) Creativity- Does your article deal with a well-analyzed event in an original manner? Does your entire article reflect your originalthought & effort?

Article Outline:







Effects on Thebes:

Effects on Specific Characters:

About this Document

This project is used as part of our 10th grade curriculum, connecting drama and non-fiction. It allows a bit of creative freedom as well, and the students enjoy it.

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Antigone Newspaper Article Project Antigone Newspaper Article Project