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Answer Key to Everyman Test

Answer Key to Everyman Test

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  • Everyman is an allegorical play because a.) Symbols represent abstract ideas b.) It teaches a lesson c.) It deals with death d.) It presents a basic Bible story
  • The play is announced to the audience by a.) The Chorus b.) A messenger c.) Death d.) God
  • The true title of the play is a.) The Death of Everyman b.) Go Down, Death c.) The Summoning of Everyman d.) And God Will Get You, If You Don’t Watch Out
  • The Messenger instructs Everyman to a.) Sacrifice his life for the well being of all people b.) Offer sacrifice of his first born son to appease God c.) Attain wisdom and knowledge d.) Give an account of his life
  • The Messenger tells the audience to look a.) At their programs for the exact time of the intermission b.) At the beginning and the end of their lives c.) Only at the beginning of the play because it was the best part d.) Only at the end of their lives because it’s closer than they may think
  • Everyman asks if he may a.) See his family before he leaves b.) Take someone with him c.) Pack his belongings d.) Have a roadmap (a copy of the Scriptures)
  • Everyman first asks for help from a.) Comradeship b.) His wife c.) Loyalty d.) Fellowship
  • The second to refuse to go with Everyman is a.) His Kindred b.) Charity c.) Human Love d.) His local priest
  • At first, Good Deeds is/are a.) Very strong and willing to go b.) Very ill and unable to stand c.) Nonexistent d.) Arrogant and aloof
  • Goods is found  a.) In a bank b.) In a corner of chests and bags c.) Under the bed d.) In a palace
  • Everyman is summoned by Death. a.) True b.) False
  • Everyman considers asking for a delay, but decides against it. a.) True b.) False
  • The Doctor of Divinity gives the moral at the end of the play. a.) True b.) False
  • Beauty refuses to accompany Everyman to his grave. a.) True b.) False
  • Kindred and Cousin agree to go part of the way with Everyman. a.) True b.) False
  • Knowledge is the only companion who will accompany Everyman all the way on his journey. a.) True b.) False
  • Fellowship tells Everyman that he would be happy to join him, even in murder. a.) True b.) False
  • Everyman does not wish Goods to go with him. a.) True b.) False
  • The Five Wits are the five senses. a.) True b.) False
  • When Everyman reaches his grave, all of his companions, without any exception, abandon him. a.) True b.) False

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Answer Key to Everyman Test Answer Key to Everyman Test