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"I Am" Poems - Template

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I am (two special characteristics you have) – these should be adjectives

I wonder (something you are actually curious about)

I hear (a particular sound) – be descriptive

I see (a sight which had made an intense impression on you)

I want (an actual desire)

I am (the first line of poem repeated)

I pretend (something you actually pretend to do)

I feel (a feeling you have about something)

I touch (a particular touch which has made an intense impression on you)

I worry (something that really bothers you)

I cry (something that makes you very sad)

I am (the first line of the poem repeated)

I understand (something that you know to be true)

I say (something that you believe in)

I dream (something that you actually dream about)

I try (something that you really make an effort towards)

I hope (something that you actually hope for)

I am (the first line of the poem repeated)

  • Using the pattern, try it yourself. You will need a sheet of notebook paper for your rough draft. Let it sit a while, and then come back to it and revise it or perfect your vocabulary/word choice. Generally, the most difficult part of the assignment is choosing the two adjectives to describe you. It is suggested that you list the adjectives you think describe you and then choose two when you’re closer to finishing the poem and the “vibe” of the poem becomes apparent. You may change your mind many times. There’s nothing wrong with that. When you are satisfied with what you have written, make a final copy. Type it, and keep it in the stanzas as soon above.

About this Document

I got this from a coworker and love it. I use this activity at the beginning and the end of the year with my seniors. At the beginning of the year, they complete the poem template (good first week back activity) and then I have them bring in their favorite picture of themselves and put it all together on a sheet of construction paper landscape style. I hang them up on the wall, and then, at the end of the first grading period, I take them down and store them. At the end of the year, they do it again, and I give them the original back for comparison. They love seeing how far they've come, the goals they've accomplished, and so forth. It's a great activity when you can't really start anything new immediately, too (short weeks, etc.).

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