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1984 AP Teaching Unit

1984 AP Teaching Unit

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  • Big Brother is one of the most well-known allusions to 1984. What role does he actually play in the novel? How does he affect Winston? How is this effect similar to or different from the effect that O’Brien has on him?
  • In what ways is technology used to control the citizens in the novel?
  • What is the most frightening element of Room 101 before Winston actually enters it?
  • What event ultimately breaks Winston’s spirit and makes him ready to accept all of O’Brien’s truths?
  • In what ways is Winston’s fatalism self-fulfi lling?
  • How is Julia’s attitude toward the party different from Winston’s?
  • What factors in Julia’s personality make her attitude different?
  • How is the role of sex in Oceania similar to, and different from, its role in our own time?
  • How are the objects that Winston fi nds in the antique store symbols?
  • What is the rhetorical effect of Winston’s reminiscences of his mother and sister?

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