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100 Important Vocabulary Terms

100 Important Vocabulary Terms

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U.S. History Terms and Definitions

  • Amnesty the act of granting pardon to a large group of people
  • Bilingualism the practice of teaching immigrant students in their own language
  • Brinkmanship the willingness to go to the brink of war to force an opponent to back down
  • Communism an economic system in which the central government directs all major economic decisions
  • Confederacy a loose union of independent states; name of government used by the southern states that seceded during the Civil War
  • Conservative a person who believes government power, particularly in the economy, should be limited in order to maximize individual freedom
  • Containment the policy designed to keep the Soviet Union from expanding its power
  • Corporation an organization that is authorized by law to carry on an activity but treated as though it were a single person
  • Détente relaxation of tensions between the United States and its twomajor Communist rivals, the Soviet Union and China
  • Downsizing reducing a company in size by laying off workers and managers to become more efficient
  • Ethnic Cleansing the expulsion, imprisonment, or killing of ethnic minorities by a dominant majority group
  • Euro the basic currency shared by the countries of the European Unionsince 1999
  • Fascism a political system headed by a dictator that calls for extreme nationalism and racism and has no tolerance for opposition
  • Flexible Response the buildup of conventional troops and weapons to allow a nation to fight a limited war without using nuclear weapons
  • Impeachment a formal accusation of misconduct in office against a public official
  • Imperialism the actions used by one nation to exercise political or economic control over smaller or weaker nation
  • Insurrection an act of rebellion against the established government
  • Internationalism a national policy of actively trading with foreign countries to foster peace and prosperity
  • Isolationism the avoidance of involvement in world affairs
  • Liberal a person who generally believes the government should take an active role in the economy and in social programs but that the government should not dictate social behavior
  • Multinational Corporation large corporation with overseas investments
  • Nuclear Proliferation the spread of nuclear weapons to new nations
  • Nullification the failure or refusal of a U.S. state to aid in the enforcement of federal laws within its state limits
  • Political Machine an organization linked to a political party that often controlled local government
  • Segregation the separation or isolation of a race, class, or group
  • Self-Determination belief that people in a territory should have the ability to choose their own government
  • State Sponsored Terrorism violent acts against civilians that are secretly supported by a government in order to attack other nations without going to war
  • Subversion a systematic attempt to overthrow a government by using persons working secretly from within
  • Suffrage the right to vote
  • Terrorism the use of violence by non-governmental groups against civilians to achieve a political goal by instilling fear and frightening governments into changing policies

Economics Terms and Definitions

  • Capitalism economic system in which private citizens own and use thefactors of production in order to generate profits
  • Consumer Price Index statistic that measures overall changes in price or inflation over time
  • Consumer Sovereignty the concept that the consumer is the ruler of the market
  • Demand desire, ability, and willingness to buy a product
  • Depression a state of the economy with large numbers of unemployment, supply shortages, and excess capacity in manufacturing plants

About this Document

These 100 essential Social Studies vocabulary words are used for students to practice and master over the trimester and school year. By doing so, it will help students better understand the concepts and skills involved with the Indiana State Standards for Social Studies. Each of the Social Studies teachers at our school uses them for their class. I will provide guidelines for the testing over the vocabulary words in another document.

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100 Important Vocabulary Terms 100 Important Vocabulary Terms 100 Important Vocabulary Terms 100 Important Vocabulary Terms 100 Important Vocabulary Terms 100 Important Vocabulary Terms